Realized Potential

Appalachia: Emerging Hydrogen Superpower

With favorable CO2 storage geology and abundant responsibly produced natural gas, Appalachia will lead as a hydrogen production superpower over the next 30+ years.

Leading to Zero Emissions

An Integrated System of CO2 Separation and Capture in High Efficiency Hydrogen and Ammonia Synthesis from a Closed System of Onsite Natural Gas Extraction, with Onsite Permanent Geological Storage, all while Generating Zero-Carbon Power.
The First of Its Kind
First commercial carbon capture and storage (CCS) project in Pennsylvania, Appalachia, and the Eastern US.
First to integrate natural gas extraction and carbon capture and storage.

First in the East to produce ultra-low-carbon, Blue Hydrogen from natural gas.

Within Reach

An Affordable, Reliable Energy Transition

American Energy Independence in the Energy Transition

Let Us Demonstrate

As the first commercial CCUS project in the Appalachian region, we will be the first to demonstrate a low-carbon future for America’s natural gas.
We will be the first in the East to demonstrate
Single-site gas production, manufacturing, and carbon storage.
‘Clean’ natural gas supply via a ‘Closed Methane System’ of all onsite gas extraction, continuous monitoring and zero gas of unknown origin.
The link between CCUS and the new Hydrogen economy in the East.
Dramatic emissions reduction AND great long-term job creation.