KeyState demonstrates that a smooth transition to the New Energy Economy is practical and achievable

Key Areas of Impact

Key Areas of Impact

Positive impacts on the environment, economy, and community

Clean Energy Jobs

KeyState's PA facility will create 800 jobs during facility construction, 150 permanent jobs inside the plant, and hundreds of indirect jobs across the region.


Energy Transition Communities

KeyState will invest in economically challenged communities through job training, apprenticeships and the creation of hundreds of great new clean energy jobs.


Workforce Development

KeyState will partner with nearby school districts, vocational schools and universities to further develop a new, exciting workforce and refocus strong skills and experience for the 'Next Energy Jobs' in low-carbon manufacturing and geological carbon sequestration.


Enabling the Hydrogen Economy

KeyState's large-scale, low-carbon, low-cost hydrogen is a leap forward in the buildout of the hydrogen economy in the Eastern USA.


Environmental Action

KeyState will massively impact greenhouse gases and air quality in the Northeast through low-carbon manufacturing of products which displace or reduce emissions.


Ecosystem Enhancement & Preservation

KeyState will support habitat enhancement including new habitat and migration corridor for native elk, across its 7,000 acre mineral lease area.


Research and Innovation

KeyState's facility will provide a setting for advanced research, development, and commercial deployment in new energy, the environment, chemical engineering, logistics, business and others, with hands-on experience in internships and apprenticeships .


Carbon Capture & Sequestration

CCS completes the carbon circle, separating the Carbon from the Hydrogen in methane and returning the carbon deep underground.


Fugitive Methane Remediation

A 'closed-system' of onsite natural gas extraction, continuous monitoring and zero gas of unknown origin, virtually eliminates and quickly solves any methane leaks.