Our Products

Launching America’s Blue Hydrogen Production Industry in the East

An Integrated System of CO2 Capture in High Efficiency Hydrogen & Ammonia Synthesis from Closed-System, Onsite Natural Gas Extraction, with Onsite Permanent Geological CO2 Storage, all while Generating Zero- Carbon Electricity.

Emission Reducing Products

We make products that dramatically reduce harmful emissions when used

Zero Emission Products

We make products that emit zero harmful emissions when used

Low Emission Manufacturing

We manufacture in-demand products in ways that eliminate or reduce emissions

KeyState Hydrogen

Zero Emission Hydrogen

Hydrogen synthesized from methane, with process CO2 emissions captured and permanently sequestered deep underground.

H2Blue has no harmful emissions when used in hydrogen-electric fuel cells

KeyState Ammonia

Lower Emission Ammonia

Ammonia made from hydrogen synthesized from methane and combined with nitrogen pulled from the air.

Ammonia for industrial, manufacturing, medical, and agriculture uses



Diesel Exhaust Treatment

Reducing Emissions from Diesel Engines

Urea made from ammonia is mixed with purified water to become diesel exhaust treatment that reduces Smog Forming Emissions by 90%+





Nitrogen Fertilizer

Easing the global fertilizer supply and food crises

Nitrogen Fertilizer made from innovative direct injection and time-released nitrogen source and used toward easing the global fertilizer supply and food crisis




America’s Clean Manufacturing Revolution

Carbon Capture &
Permanent Geological Storage

In order for the world to reach its clean energy objectives, KeyState products will displace diesel with hydrogen or reduce emissions of diesel which will remain in use for many years to come.


All our sites have their own, dedicated, certified clean, natural gas supply


Our ‘Closed Methane System’ allows for verification as some of the world’s cleanest natural gas production


We synthesis 99.99% clean hydrogen from natural gas and separate and capture 99% of process CO2 via Auto-Thermal Reforming


Our hydrogen and ammonia synthesis is powered by zero-carbon electricity generated from excess process steam


We permanently and safely sequester CO2 nearly a mile underground in deep geological formation

Leading the Energy Transition

Making Zero Happen

Our world-scale, sustainable manufacturing facilities integrates high-efficiency natural gas synthesis with carbon capture, utilization, and storage